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Wow! In an hour you can know what your LIFE PURPOSE is!

Your Life Purpose also identifies how you approach intimacy, how to reach intimacy your way and how to relate with people close to you in the most profoundly satisfying way.

Connection with others is why we are in human form. What is your style of desiring connection? What gets in your way of achieving what you want? It's all in your hands - the entire map.

Whatever your Life Purpose is - artist, business leader, mentor, speaker, community leader or healer (there are more choices) the satisfaction comes because somebody is receiving from you. They have a need. You fill it. HOW you connect with yourself and thus others will determine the satisfaction for all of you.

Within 1 minute I identify your fingerprints that tell me what your LIFE PURPOSE is. It takes an hour to share the information with you in a language and pictures that have meaning to you.

YOUR fingerprints are formed 16 weeks after conception, based on medical research. Go to this link to see a video on fingerprints- Life Purpose/Life Lesson:

How does knowing your Life Purpose impact your life? Imagine this: Your whole body is your map for this life time. When you follow the map, you reach a destination that is soulfully satisfying. Where is your map leading? What does your map tell you about your direction specifically and tangibly?

Of course, you are always on the path of expressing your Life Purpose. How could you not be?

  • The real question is: is that amount of time ENOUGH?
  • Do you feel like something is missing?
  • Is there something bigger calling you?
  • Do you have the language to describe to another exactly what your Life Purpose is?
  • Do you feel satisfied with the connections you have to deliver your Life Purpose?

If the answer to any of these questions is“no” then click here to learn more about your Life Purpose.

If you have many lines in your hands, you'll want to review this video that tells you more about Gift Markings, special line formations that express extra potential talent.

Hand Analysis, a system of identifying what is most important to you, is a science-based system that uses your hands. There is a reason why no two people look the same exactly. It’s because your ENTIRE body serves as your soul map. Your hands are a microcosm of your body. Each part of your body has this map. It can be ‘read’ by anybody who is skilled. There is a very specific reason you are here this life time and your hands tell you what that is. Contact me at to discover more about yourself through Hand Analysis.